Me: *having just come out of the new Star Trek movie* That was pretty cool, but Uhura and Spock? That was way weird. Who came up with that idea?

Me: *two weeks later, after watching some of the very early TOS Star Trek episodes* Okay, those two totally have something going on.

I used to love watching Star Trek as a kid, and like all TV shows you loved growing up, it is always bizarre to actually go back and watch it. Just watched "The Man Trap" and "Charlie X". The movie introduces a whole new subtext.

What the Hell

Someone drove a stolen car into my parents house.
Right after they remodeled it.
My mom was in the room when the car hit.

No one was hurt (not even the driver, amazingly) and the insurance should cover it, so it's practically a miracle. Even so, I think 2008 has sucked pretty hard and I'd like it to be over as fast as possible.

What, really?

My can of tomato soup has a typo on it.
This is, apparently, interesting enough to blog about.

"Microwave on high for 8-9 minutes or until hot, stirring once."

I probably wouldn't care if it weren;t for the nagging feeling that I should get a prize for this, like the Tootsie Pop wrappers with the Indian shooting the star on them.

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Today my parents (being both cultured and generous folk) took me to see the Chinese terra-cotta warriors. The level of detail was not exaggerated.

And the best bit is they're not even done excavating it! They're coming up with ways to preserve the paint on the soldiers as they dig them out, and they haven't even touched the actual burial chamber for fear of damaging what's inside. Rumors of a jade coffin floating in a lake of mercury continue to fascinate me.

Every time I go to a museum I kinda wish there was some kind of eccentric billionaire history buff who would reconstruct these amazing places, or at least invest heavily in VR. (I realize that the new Mummy movie may indeed fulfill my desire to see Emperor Qin's necropolis reconstructed but that doesn't change the fact that I hear it sucks. Oh Hollywood. Why can't you use your powers for good?)

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Just wanted to give a shout out for that to anyone who hasn't seen it before. There are other internet radio sites out there, but this one won me over for not having to install anything and having some pretty obscure stuff. I'd been experiencing some serious musical stagnation but Rock Band and this has been helping to alleviate that. Those two seem to be doing their best to save the music industry.

In other news: IRON MAN. I am no longer interested in anything that doesn't have flying metal suits and repulsor beams for the next few days.